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Straight From the Source

Louisa has helped me relax, both physically and mentally with hypnotherapy - preparing me for labour by reducing my fear and anxiety about childbirth.  The hypno-birthing session was the best thing ever!


Louisa helped my little girl overcome huge worries around vomiting.
We had months of bedtimes being a big struggle in our household. Circling worries of tummy aches and getting so worked up she was making herself physically sick, not wanting to go to school was also a problem

- all due to her fear of vomiting.
Being only 8 years old, we weren’t sure how the sessions would go. However, Louisa made my daughter feel extremely calm and relaxed. She talked my daughter through a lovely story, pulling on my daughters curiosity and thoughts around worries and providing tools for her to overcome them.

After just one session we haven’t looked back since.
The following nights I just reminded my daughter of the story Louisa told and she has felt reassured and contented enough to fall asleep at a normal bedtime.

The past few weeks she hasn’t mentioned it or shown us that her worry of vomiting has even come into her mind.
Louisa, you are an amazing and very skilled hypnotherapist -

everything you provided for my little girl to conquer her fear was magical. Thank you ✨


I highly recommend Louisa, she immediately makes you feel comfortable and her voice is instantly relaxing, taking you into hypnosis. A wonderful guided inner journey, which is different each time depending on what arises. I always felt so peaceful and clear at the end of the sessions. Thank you!


Testimonials: Testimonials
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