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Anxiety/ Stress/Panic Attacks

We all experience anxiety at some point in our life. This can range from mild worry, to a level which can make you feel out of control and could develop into panic attacks.  Hypnotherapy can help you to reduce these feelings and gain a comfortable level of control and calm, which will enable you to manage stressful situations in a much healthier, confident way.

Self Esteem/Confidence/Motivation 

Sometimes we all have a period in our life where our confidence and self esteem has been negatively impacted. Hypnotherapy can boost your self esteem and confidence on a subconscious level, improving your self worth and enhancing your self belief.  Examples include, but are not exclusive to, exam preparation and job interviews.

Weight Management

Weight issues can have a hugely negative impact on our mental well being.  Working in conjunction with you to include permanent healthy lifestyle choices, hypnotherapy can support you achieving your ideal weight
by changing your emotional and behavioural relationship with food/drink.  You will undoubtedly have a new zest for life and leave with a wide, happy smile.

Stopping Smoking 

You have the right to a healthier, happier and much longer life.  Hypnotherapy can help to open the door to lasting change by reframing your perception of smoking at a subconscious level.  Hypnotherapy is highly effective in supporting your desire to quit for good.  It is possible to stop after one two hour session (a top up session maybe required), but you will reap the benefits from a client centered approach that will be tailored for you.


A phobia is an expression of an emotion caused by fear.  Hypnotherapy can gently alter the emotional response you feel to the trigger, which can allow you to be free from the phobia.


Hypnobirthing is a method using a combination of visualisation and relaxation techniques that can help mentally prepare you for labour and birth.  I can offer sessions leading up to birth to instil calm, however I currently don't offer hypnobirthing during labour itself.  If that was required there are many hypnobirthing experts locally.

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